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  • Improved basements at affordable costs.
  • Guaranteed expertise from an in-house team – no subcontracting.
  • Comprehensive basement renovation package – including interior design.


Discount Town is an innovative company specializing in basement renovations and related projects. We have been in the business for many years, perfecting our skills to deliver the best result to Vancouver residents. Our team has the training, expertise, and licenses to uphold the highest quality standards in every project.

We are the go-to company whether you want to add a new kitchen, bedroom, legal apartment, or playroom. Our streamlined processes are geared toward customer satisfaction, and we work closely with you every step of the way. We know how to combine structural integrity and design aesthetics to create high-class living spaces in basements. Our crew relies on modern technology to ensure the project runs smoothly and within the specified timeline. Our Vancouver basement finishing techniques are outstanding, capable of transforming the space into whatever you want.



    What do I need to know before renovating my basement?

    The benefits of basement renovations in Vancouver include value addition, extra usable space, and visual appeal. However, these benefits are only achievable when the home improvement task is handled correctly. Thus the need to work with a qualified team and consider all the relevant factors before starting the job. An expert renovation team at Kitchen & Bath will know what not to forget when finishing a basement.

    Remodelling a basement gives you the rare advantage of working with the already existing groundwork. This is because many unfinished basements consist of concrete floors and walls, mainly cinder blocks. That gives you flexibility but can also be overwhelming if you have never tackled similar tasks.

    So, what is the first thing to do when remodeling a basement? Creating a suitable plan is the first step, but you need a trustworthy contractor to assist you with the essentials. Renovation companies know all potential problems likely to arise and the correct procedure to follow.

    Discount Town is an accomplished renovation company that offers basement finishing in Vancouver. We build quality and functional basements, turning them into whatever you prefer. Customer satisfaction is our priority, driving us to create efficient and durable living spaces. We consider all possibilities and features you might forget, such as waterproofing. We are here to answer all your questions.

    Basement Kitchen

    Another kitchen in the basement is a convenient amenity you can put to good use for many years. It enables flexibility, allowing you to entertain without moving to the main floor to prepare meals. A kitchenette also transforms the basement into an apartment, perfect if you need a secondary unit secluded from the main floor.

    We can help with the planning, appliances, fixture installation, and electrical and plumbing features to make your kitchen fully functional. Your preferences are our priority when you hire us.

    Basement Bathroom

    Basements provide endless possibilities for bathroom conversions. You can customize the space however you want to build a spacious and elegant bathroom. Whether you already have a bathroom you want to renovate or construct a brand-new one, our contractors will work with you.

    Our crew can help you get a spa-like treatment through one-of-a-kind renovations. We focus on your needs when designing the room to ensure it remains practical for a long time. We can turn all your dreams into reality according to your unique requirements.

    Basement Office

    The basement is the perfect spot if you want a separate space to enjoy peace of mind as you work or hold business meetings. We can design the room to enhance your productivity through limited distractions.

    You can benefit from our services whether you work from home or not. We capitalize on the unused space to make it valuable in the long run. With our expertise, you will have a workspace with enough storage to ensure neatness. The renovation also boosts property value, giving you better returns if you decide to sell.

    Basement Theatre

    A basement theatre is the best way to have a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. Our innovative team will share the right ideas and help you select the best features to install in the room for the ultimate unforgettable movie experience. We consider several factors, such as acoustics, lighting, sound system, and screen wall. We install these elements according to the room size and can help you get a dedicated electrical circuit to prevent tripping. Your comfort is our priority.

    Jerry ThomasJerry Thomas
    17:10 25 Aug 22
    Working with Reza and his crew was a 1st class experience from start to finish. The price for our kitchen countertops and installation was very reasonable and the work took place with in a few weeks as promised. Reza also helped us with tips and suggestions regarding things related to the installation. We would highly recommend Discount Tile.
    Matt SaricMatt Saric
    23:54 04 Feb 22
    Reza was very professional in this whole process. Reza and crew had the countertop ordered and installed all in 3 days! Install crew was professional and knowledgeable. They made sure to cover the appliances and were very careful. All around 5 stars!
    Allyson HoyAllyson Hoy
    22:48 02 Dec 21
    Discount Town was wonderful to deal with.They are professional, respectful and I cannot say enough good things about them.I highly recommend them and will definitely use them in the future! Thank you for your expertise!I love my beautiful counter tops!SincerelyAllyson Hoy
    Thomas McKibbinThomas McKibbin
    17:50 09 Aug 21
    Thank you Reza it was a pleasure working with you. I will be highly recommending your services in the future. I'm so glad I contacted you.Your installers were really great to work with as well. The counters look great.It is very apparent you care about your business and most of all your customers.Your reviews say it all. Thanks again!
    P FenneyP Fenney
    16:43 24 Apr 21
    We stumbled across Discount Town while shopping for new kitchen counters. From our 1st visit to their showroom to the completion of the job Reza and his associates were professional, responsive and did fantastic work. Nothing but good things to say about the Company. Price was more than competitive and they delivered on time as arranged. Thank you Discount Town. You have 2 very happy customers.


    Do: Plan and design your basement renovation carefully.

    A detailed plan with your basement measurements is mandatory before any construction work begins. Identify all immovable features or fixtures like furnaces, plumbing pipes, and heaters and their locations. That will enable better visualization of the basement based on what you intend to achieve.

    Planning also means determining how to separate the basement by creating a design board with all the elements for the new space. For instance, choose flooring materials according to the expected foot traffic, determine where to build or remove walls, and furniture arrangement. Every scenario has different requirements – a basement serving as a bedroom cannot have the same lighting fixtures as a home theatre.

    Don’t: Overlook the importance of proper insulation.

    Basements are often cold and unconducive because of where they are situated. Failure to install proper insulation can result in overuse of heating and cooling appliances, adding to your utility bills. Insulation enhances energy efficiency, protects against harsh weather elements, and prevents excess moisture issues. Therefore, the basement becomes more comfortable and habitable, perfect for entertainment or any other plan. The existence of small windows or a complete lack of them enhances the need for insulation.

    Together with the insulation, adding lighting elements can improve brightness and warmth. Incorporate overhead lighting and some accentuating fixtures to enhance the visual attraction of the room.

    Do: Ensure proper waterproofing and moisture control measures.

    Moisture is the most destructive element in basements and entire homes. Resolving water-related problems is challenging, especially in the lower levels of a property, where condensation and water seepage issues are common. Repairs may require more time, effort, and money to complete.

    The extent of the excess moisture varies with every location and property. Weather changes throughout the year also determine moisture issues. However, installing mitigation measures when renovating a basement is the best remedy. You should also inspect the space for existing moisture problems before the renovation. Common signs to check out include peeling paint, discoloration, and mould growth. Our professionals can assess potential damage and assist with waterproofing.

    Don’t: Ignore foundation issues or structural problems.

    Basement remodelling is usually a substantial investment that requires a lot of resources and can only bring great returns when done correctly. Thus the importance of taking care of all aspects of the basement, including existing damages, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Concealing some issues may be tempting, but it is never advisable. The best solution is to tackle them before making further changes to the basement. For instance, covering mould patches with a fresh coat of paint may seem like a good idea, but it is not a lasting solution. The same applies to potential structural damage that is not yet extensive. Our experts recommend fixing such issues permanently first.


    The innovative team at Discount Town always aims for perfection, whether working with homeowners who know what they want or those who are not sure. If you have not selected the components and fixtures for your kitchen renovation, our designers will make sure you choose the right ones for your basement. Through an in-house consultation, we can make the changes you want, we deliver outstanding results.

    Can I renovate the basement without a permit?

    Permits are mandatory for specific basement renovations involving erecting or tearing down walls. Converting the basement into a legal apartment also requires permits to ensure the new space matches the zoning laws.

    Including the permits in the initial stages of the renovation plan is advisable as they can be costly.

    What is the average basement renovation duration in Vancouver?

    The timeframe of every renovation varies depending on the scope. However, the quality of craftsmanship can also determines the timeline. For instance, rushed projects do not usually have the high-quality finishes of meticulously completed projects. Professional contractors work effectively, striving to finish the job quickly without compromising quality. That may mean working throughout, no matter the season.

    Are there benefits to working with subcontractors?

    Subcontracting does not usually add any benefits to the property owner. The subcontracted workers may not maintain the same quality as the contracted company, which could interfere with the results.

    That is why you should hire a contractor capable of providing the comprehensive services you require. Your contractor should have a team with expertise in all areas of basement remodelling.

    Can I stay home during ongoing renovations?

    The type of project determines safety levels and whether you can stay in the house or must move out during the renovation. The company you hire should inform you of potential hazards and advise you accordingly.

    Are there specific flooring options for the basement?

    Materials with high moisture-resistance capacity are always recommended in basements. Several options are available for your selection, including vinyl and tiles. Compare all the possibilities and choose the most durable one for the conditions common in basements.

    Is mould preventable in basements?

    Using mould-repellent materials, waterproofing, and adding adequate ventilation are some measures that can prevent moisture accumulation and mould growth. Your contractor can explain all the options and help you pick the best one for your property.