White Oak Cabinets

White Oak Kitchen Cabinets at the Discount Town

Do you like the cool look of rift-cut oak cabinets but not the high point price tag?
Well, guess what, we have something great for you at Discount Town

First lets know more about White Oak material:

White oak is a beautiful wood from North America with very unique grain patterns.
which will make any kitchen looking stunning.
Rift cut oak is a level up in white oak that will be selected from more tighter grains, it’s pricier just because there is a small amount of wood will give us that look.

At Discount Town we teamed up with a great wholesaler /supplier of quality North American oak material and we can now pass on best quality oak cabinets at a very competitive price.

We also offer various door styles in white oak material like regular shaker style 5 piece doors and slim shaker style doors , raised panel doors and mitered solid wood doors.

When you hear of oak cabinet doors , people mostly think of the traditional honey oak cabinets that were popular back in the 1990’s to the 2000’s matched with dark granite countertops like black galaxy or ubatuba.

But nowadays the design trends are moving more towards Modern and aesthetic, which put white oak cabinets as a top priority material being used in home designs.

What are the benefits of using White Oak Cabinets?

Oak is one of the most durable woods for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s much more durable than the other species like birch, cherry walnut and poplar.

Gorgeous Grain pattern and character:
Both grading patterns, regular white oak and rift-cut white oak are very distinctive and pretty, and have lots of depth and character, this type of cabinet adds a lot of life and beauty to every kitchen.

Top kitchen trend in the market and will work with most of home designs:

Whether its contemporary , rustic or minimalist , white oak cabinets will complement your design , it will easily pair up with solid colours , like greys , whits and warmer tones.
Also, it will work with a variety of colours of countertops and backsplashes, the most common countertops being used with white oak is white marble effect quartz or natural stone countertops.

At Discountown we make it very easy for you, our cabinets are in the highest quality with all European hardware yet at very competitive prices and quick delivery

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