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Silestone Quartz Countertops

Silestone Quartz Countertops

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Quartz Countertops Vancouver | We have a great variety of quartz slabs in stock to choose from and we deal with all major quartz and Granite suppliers in BC.
Quartz Countertops Vancouver | Discount Town is a fabricator and installer of quality quartz countertops for the kitchen and bathroom in Vancouver. We offer our customers premium quality service at very competitive price.
Quartz Countertops Vancouver

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Silestone is one of the leading brand names of quartz surfaces, and is primarily known for their European-style colour collection. Quartz surfaces can also be referred to as man-made stone or engineered stone on the market today. Silestone is a combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that are extraordinarily hard and resilient. There’s no need to wax or seal as the surface is non absorbent. Visit our showrooms in North Vancouver or Vancouver.

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Jerry ThomasJerry Thomas
17:10 25 Aug 22
Working with Reza and his crew was a 1st class experience from start to finish. The price for our kitchen countertops and installation was very reasonable and the work took place with in a few weeks as promised. Reza also helped us with tips and suggestions regarding things related to the installation. We would highly recommend Discount Tile.
Matt SaricMatt Saric
23:54 04 Feb 22
Reza was very professional in this whole process. Reza and crew had the countertop ordered and installed all in 3 days! Install crew was professional and knowledgeable. They made sure to cover the appliances and were very careful. All around 5 stars!
Allyson HoyAllyson Hoy
22:48 02 Dec 21
Discount Town was wonderful to deal with.They are professional, respectful and I cannot say enough good things about them.I highly recommend them and will definitely use them in the future! Thank you for your expertise!I love my beautiful counter tops!SincerelyAllyson Hoy
Thomas McKibbinThomas McKibbin
17:50 09 Aug 21
Thank you Reza it was a pleasure working with you. I will be highly recommending your services in the future. I'm so glad I contacted you.Your installers were really great to work with as well. The counters look great.It is very apparent you care about your business and most of all your customers.Your reviews say it all. Thanks again!
P FenneyP Fenney
16:43 24 Apr 21
We stumbled across Discount Town while shopping for new kitchen counters. From our 1st visit to their showroom to the completion of the job Reza and his associates were professional, responsive and did fantastic work. Nothing but good things to say about the Company. Price was more than competitive and they delivered on time as arranged. Thank you Discount Town. You have 2 very happy customers.

Silestone Colours

The following are the most popular Silestone colours requested here at Discount Town. Click on a colour to see a larger image. View the entire collection at www.ca.silestone.com/colours, and let us know what you like!

Silestone – Loft

Light and crisp tones blended with fine, faded white and grey shades.

Cinder craze
Silestone – Urban crush

It is a modern reinterpretation of black sandstone. It combines grain and dark accents with white shell veins. This tone will perfectly match natural materials and textures as well as bold contrasting colors.​

Victorian silver
Silestone – Le chic

Soft and subtle two-toned marbling in the background, with gradient effects and great depth. The cool background tone blends with its silver and dark gray veins to create an elegant color that fits seamlessly with warm and cold tones.

Lime delight
Silestone – Urban crush

The textured beige tones of Lime Delight are a versatile base for any interior design, from calm and pure spaces to more unexpected proposals. Its bright warm shades bring to mind the radiance of the famous Marbella limestone.

Brass relish
Silestone – Urban crush

The grained brown of Brass Relish embodies finely grained sandstone. ​It blends seamlessly with the colors and design elements of modern vintage style.

Versailles ivory
Silestone – Le chic

Very subtle two-toned marbling in the background, with gradient effects mesmerize with the flickering lights of its golden sparkle. Versailles Ivory exudes luxury and elegance, reminiscent of the exuberance of the Palace of Versailles. This exquisite shade adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making a bold statement of refined taste and living.

Concrete pulse
Silestone – Urban crush

The gray tone of Concrete Pulse is perfect for eclectic interiors, where it helps create a vibrant show of contrasts.

Romantic ash
Silestone – Le chic

Large rivers and incrustations of grains in various sizes awaken memories of a milky way visible on a clear starry sky. The accent of blue strengthens the depth of Romantic Ash.

Parisien bleu
Silestone – Le chic

Boasts a deep bluish tone with strong personality and powerful character. Inspired by the shades seen in famous Imperial Roman stones, combined with fine veins in ochre tones.

Eclectic pearl
Silestone – Le chic

Flowing streams of delicate tones incrusted with grains like diamonds on jewelry. Eclectic Pearl hypnotizes with delicate veining, texture, and metallic accents across the whole surface. Eclectic Pearl, a symbol of timeless elegance and individuality. A fusion of classic and modern, with a unique charm that captures the essence of sophistication and style.

Bohemian flame
Silestone – Urban crush

This color presents subtle sinuous veins with metallic inlays in copper shades. It is inspired by the movement of the golden flows of lava that generate scars on volcanic soil. It is reminiscent of the calmly moving golden flame of candles accentuating tiny metallic pieces.

Miami vena
Silestone – Nebula

Neutral design in light, veined tones on a pure white base.

Charcoal soapstone
Silestone – Eternal

Inspired by the popular “soap stone”, this colour has a blue-grey finish with powerful, grey highlights. A spectacular creation, characterised by its rotundity, depth and sense of movement.

Desert Silver
Silestone – Eternal

Evokes an icy surface patterned with fine and clear veins. It offers a very balanced and uniform translucent design. Inspired by the classic and long-lasting marble trend, it stands out for its easy combination with any type of material or architectural element.

Bianco calacatta
Silestone – Eternal

Combines electric thick veins with a grayish luminous background. Contrast and personality that will extend to any space that it touches. It brings a dramatic effect to either a classic or contemporary taste.

Et calacatta gold
Silestone – Eternal

A colour made up of a white background through which elegant, wide grey highlights are interspersed with unexpected golden glints. Eternal Calacatta Gold, with its eternal, distinguished appearance, pays homage to a marble which has been held in high esteem since ancient times.

Eternal Classic

Eternal Marquina

Eternal Pearl Jasmine

Eternal Statuario


Iconic Black


Iconic White






Tebas Black


White Zeus Extreme



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