Quartz and Granite Countertops

Quality Quartz Countertops installed starting now at $59/Sq ft. We supply and install quartz and Granite countertops in Vancouver and Victoria and Nanaimo.

Best prices and quality guaranteed!

We have a great variety of quartz slab in stock to choose from and we deal with all major quartz and Granite suppliers in BC.

If you found some granite or quartz material that are not shown in our website , please send us the name and the brand , we will find the material and provide you with the best possible price.

In order to get an estimate, please snap a photo of your kitchen , E mail or text to us, we will get back to you with the price instantly
or , send us your kitchen drawings if you have one or just make a sketch with rough dimensions and send to me.

Please E-mail your drawings to [email protected] or Text: 778-228-9298

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